Doctor Loan

Your decision to become a caregiver is commendable, but is often coupled with a fairly significant student loan burden. If you’re a resident, recent med school grad, or in the early stage of your career, the Doctor Loan is specifically designed to offer favorable terms for homebuyers like you with great earning potential.

Introducing the Doctor Loan from Security

  • For medical professionals. i.e dentists, doctors, etc.
  • Financing available up to 97% LTV, with competitive low rates reserved specifically for medical professionals
  • Student loan debt is excluded from qualification
  • Future employment contracts are acceptable, no paystub needed
  • Loan amounts up to $850,000

The bottom line is this. If you have survived College, Med School, Internships, and Residency… you’re just sick of renting and are aching for a home of your own… the Security Home Mortgage Doctor Loan is your prescription for a convenient and speedy recovery. Let us help you get settled more quickly, with fewer hassles than anyone else.

*3% down payment required, option for fixed rate for first 5-7 years, adjustable rate after that. Rate can
increase during adjustable period. Max loan amount $650,000 APR 4.689%